Jessica Fitzpatrick

Where were you born/where did you grow up? I’m a Queens girl!   Do you have any siblings? I have a sister named Lea Ann who is 13 years older than me.  She lives in California, but we are very close.  She’s a yogini too 🙂 Any unique family traits you would like to share?…

Suzanne Scholton

Where were you born/where did you grow up? I grew up on a 45 acre farm in Sioux City, Iowa. Right on the boarder of Nebraska and South Dakota. Do you have any siblings? I have one brother, who is married and has 2 sons in Omaha, NE Any unique family traits you would like…

Meditesh w/ Paul Wolf & Moto Fukushima

ROCK MUSIC FOR MEDITATION, YOGA, and SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT Hear the sound that moves prana through your soul and journey toward your deepest inner self. As a participant in the Meditesh experience, choose the eect through meditation, yoga or dance, as the energy of the music shifts in accordance with the energy of the room. Join…

8 Week Beginner Course

Build a strong foundation for your Yoga Practice

• deeper understanding of pose alignment

• Introduction to yoga philosophy

• breathing techniques

• nutrition and yogic diet

Starting Mondays, Apr. 25, 2016 @ 8:00PM Cost: $100 for complete Series

Bamboomoves 107-40 Queens Blvd. Suite 206 Forest Hills, NY 11375 | 718-263-0788 |


with Kevin Wadalavage The Gong Meditation is a sound immersion,which produces a resonance and subtle rhythm throughout the body. It’s complex harmonics create an acoustic ocean of sound waves and energy flow which can be experienced as a form of meditation, relaxation, non-ordinary consciousness, release, energy medicine or other states by the respective listener. Please…

Mommy & Me 6 Week Program

Mommy and Baby Yoga allows you to connect to your baby while stretching and strengthening the body. Bond with your new little one as you increase flexibility, tone the muscles, and feel energized. 6 Week Program: Meets on Tuesdays @ 10:30-11:30am Starting April 19th, 2016 Cost: $135 for complete series Drop in: $25 Space is…


It takes anywhere from 18 days to 245 days to form a new habit, build one with us!

• Take 30 classes in 40 days

• Track your progress and share your expereince with us

April 15th – May 24th

BambooMoves 107-40 Queens Blvd. Suite 206 FoHi 718.263.0788

Rejuvenate with a “Staycation”

With Rachael Nickel Relaxing and rejuvenating workshop – Retreat Style. Find comfort in releasing tension and stress and remove stiffness that is being held in the body and mind. Through gentle movements and asanas the body will be relaxed and at ease.This workshop will include a gentle yoga sequence, restorative postures, yoga nidra, and meditation.…

AgniSara Prep #2

AgniSara Prep 2 will assist you in getting from the muscles to the organs. This area of the torso is where the stomach lies, liver, gallbladder and intestines. These areas should be supple and have the ability to move to work efficiently and effectively. Also, energetically this is the home of our fire and self…

AgniSara Prep #1

AgniSara Prep 1 will assist you in building strength in the side abdominal muscles called the obliques. Also, on the right side of the body is the ascending colon and the left side of the body is the descending colon. Do this regularly and you will be regular. It also allows the lower back around…

Cat/Cow Pose

Cat/Cow will release tension from the spine. At first start with small movements, I am doing a dramatic movement but when you start teach the spine to be subtle and move softly so it can relax. If you force it into dramatic movements, you will not relax but create tension. Do this practice daily and…