On February 19 Harper Lee died, the author of  To Kill  A Mocking Bird. It was one of my favorite stories. My favorite part of the book that I have tried to live by since the first time I read it in the 8th grade with Mrs. Reekers was, “You never really understand a person…


Time to Process

In the past couple of months I have been in and out of doctors offices working with my irregular menses and the effects it has on me. One of the processes to assist the doctors was using ink to see if the body was okay. It was a little painful, like really bad indigestion where…


March-Chakra 3: Manipura, Ram

The muscles associated with this area are the diaphragm, quadratus lumborum, psoas major and the organs are the intestines and adrenals. Manipura is translated as the city of gems, as this are of firehouses or self-identity and personal power. With a strong third chakra we are able to digest information that we need and let…


8 Week Beginner Course

Build a strong foundation for your Yoga Practice

• deeper understanding of pose alignment

• Introduction to yoga philosophy

• breathing techniques

• nutrition and yogic diet


Starting Tuesdays, Mar. 29, 2016 @ 6:45PM Cost: $100 for complete Series

Bamboomoves 107-40 Queens Blvd. Suite 206 Forest Hills, NY 11375 | 718-263-0788 | bamboomovesyoga.com

Refining Your Physical Practice Part 2 w/ Andrea S.

When we hold a pose, we allow our bodies to experience the benefits of the practice. The second of our two-part series will include: •Pranayama (breathing) techniques •Chair, Triangle/Revolved Triangle, Fwd Fold, Up/Down Dog •5 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Yoga Philosophy) •Healthy Eating When: Saturday, March 26th Time: 3:30 – 6:00 PM $25 for BambooMoves…


Self Hypnosis w/ John Mongiovi

“The mind is a poor master, but a powerful servant.” When we are led by our unconscious thoughts we tend to repeat our usual patterns, but you can change habitual patterns of thinking and set your mind to support your goals with self hypnosis. Self hypnosis, also known as autohypnosis, is a state during which…


Mommy & Me 6 Week Program

Mommy and Baby Yoga allows you to connect to your baby while stretching and strengthening the body. Bond with your new little one as you increase flexibility, tone the muscles, and feel energized. 6 Week Program: Meets on Tuesdays @ 10:30-11:30am Starting March 8th, 2016 Cost: $135 for complete series Drop in: $25 Space is…


Refining Your Physical Practice

Refining Your Physical Practice, a workshop led by Suzanne Scholten, is happening this coming saturday, February 27th, from 3:30-5:30 pm. Often in class we don’t have the time to hold a pose or break down the subtleties of what is happening in them. Come gain a deeper understanding of poses that are foundational to all…