Uttanasana: Standing Forward Fold

This pose is a balance between stretching the backs of the legs where the hamstrings reside while using the feet in a balanced manner along with the engagement of the inner adductor muscles and buttocks. With the support of the back but not straining that back. As in any practice, start with a warm-up, like…

December Monthly Focus Dhayana – Meditation

I find sitting for meditation is the most difficult aspect of the practice, for many reasons. One being, it took me a long time to like myself. Have you ever had a friend that constantly talks about the same thing over and over? And then you start to ignore them, not answer their phone calls,…

Has BambooMoves changed you at all as a person?

These are a few comments from our online survey: Amazing impact. Has changed my life since I started my practice in 2009. Thank you, especially to Suzanne for her support and all the teachers here. Bamboo Moves has opened up the world of yoga to me in a non judgemental ,non competitive and supportive way.…

Is Yoga Only for Women ?

No! It is for everyone. Unfortunately most men in America think they are to inflexible or are gym rats so they don’t try, but if this is you- you should come. In class we work on building flexibility. Some people are stronger than others and some people are more flexible than others. That is why…

5 Reasons to Meditate

Meditation has been known for its many positive attributes. Here are 5 exceptional reasons why you should meditate:

1. Minimizes body pains

2. Increases positive emotions

3. Lessens depression

4. Reduces anxiety

5. Refines your ability to regulate your emotions

A Quick, Healthy Smoothie Recipe!

Carrot Mango Kiwi Smoothie Recipe This orange beverage will leave you bright-eyed! Crunchy carrot and creamy mango both contain high levels of antioxidants in the form of vitamins A and C.Both boost the immune system and are (yep, the carrot cliche!) good for the eyes. Sneak in even more vitamin C and some tartness with…