King Dancer Pose

King Dancer is a hard pose, but you can do it! This pose requires balance, flexibility, and strength all at once; most importantly, it requires patience, time, and breath. When you are in this pose, your chest opens, your breath grows deeper, and you feel strong and stable with your foot rooting into the ground—it’s…


Winter is here!

Winter is here! With it comes an extra sense of self care as we battle dry skin, achy joints, and stuffy noses. At the studio we are prepared! We have:– African Shea Butter for dry skin– Neti-pots and salt for nasal cleansing– Himalayan bath salt for rejuvenating hot baths– CHINA-GEL for topical pain relief

Ayurveda Prescribed Me Meat

There I was…in front of master ayurvedic teacher and all-around badass Kathryn Templeton, along with her retinue of sorceresses and students. I felt very much like the cadaver in the Rembrandt painting Dr. Tulp’s Anatomy Lesson, except that I was alive and being observed by about 25 ayurvedic practitioners and students. I was in good and…


5 Reasons For Doing Yoga At BambooMoves FH

1. We focus on alignment and assist people in understanding their own unique body. 2. We have a more complete yoga practice: postures/exercises, breathing and meditation 3. One builds friends who are like minded people and who want the best for you 4. We have different types of people that teach and different styles of…


Mommy & Me 6 Week Program

Mommy and Baby Yoga allows you to connect to your baby while stretching and strengthening the body. Bond with your new little one as you increase flexibility, tone the muscles, and feel energized. 6 Week Program: Meets on Tuesdays @ 10:30-11:30am Starting January 26th, 2016 Cost: $135 for complete series Drop in: $25 Space is…